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Subterranean termites, they’re more than just pests; they actually eat and destroy your home.  These types of termites, common in the Southeast, emerge from the ground and feed on the wood that supports your home! As if that wasn’t bad enough, termite damage is not covered by homeowners insurance.


If you are not currently covered by a termite program, have questions about your current protection or think you may have termites, call Pestban for a free inspection. During this time, one of our professional termite specialists will examine your home and discuss options for the best program to keep you safe from these tiny home wreckers.

In-Ground Termite System

Pestban’s Advance Termite Bait System is the next generation in termite baiting, providing superior technology and performance.  The Advance TBS is also the environmentally responsible solution because it  uses very little active ingredient to eliminate an entire termite colony.  It poses no hazard to groundwater and has no label restrictions for use around wells and cisterns.

Installed around the perimeter of your home with a low profile, the system is buried discretely in the soil, hard to see for you but easy to find for termites.  Our technicians service and maintain the stations routinely.

Once termite activity is detected in the station, the active ingredient cartridges are loaded in to the stations.  As the termites feed in these stations and bring the “food” back to the  colony, they are also passing along the active ingredient -introducing and spreading a deadly “virus” which results in the elimination of the temite colony and preventing the damage they may cause.

Pestban continues routine inspection and service of the stations. This includes maintaining the station components, monitoring termite feeding and re-loading the active ingredient when necessary.

Liquid Non-repellent Program

Non-repellent technology has been a huge advancement for conventional liquid treatments.  As opposed to conventional liquids, non-repellents can’t be detected by termites.  That means termites are not “repelled” and do not avoid the treatment zones. Rather they continue to move through the treated soil and go about their normal routines.

As termites come in contact with the non-repellent material, they become “carriers” transferring the deadly material like a virus, eliminating the termite colony and preventing the damage they may cause.

Liquid Supplemental Program

This program combines the best of what In-ground termite stations AND Non-repellent liquid have to offer while reducing unnecessary pesticide use.  Our termite stations are installed and inspected regularly and is the primary treatment. In addition we will supplement with non-repellent liquid in targeted key areas around your home.

To learn more about our Termite Programs and Warranties please email us at customerservice@pestban.com or call 770-592-1121.




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