Built-In Pest Control Systems

Built-In Pest Control System

The Secret Subway

The unfortunate truth is insects love the inside of your walls. Ants, roaches, scorpions, boxelder bugs -pests of all kinds use them to live, nest and even reproduce.  Not only that, but they use the plumbing pipes and electrical wiring for needed moisture and means of travel from room to room.  Yep, it is their own secret subway system.

Not anymore!  Since 1995 Pestban has been effectively and conveniently eliminating unwanted creatures through the Pestban Built-In Pest Control System.  It’s the cleanest, greenest, most effective and convenient pest control system ever.  If your home is newer, there’s a chance the Pestban Built-In System was installed in your home during construction.

Here’s how it works.  During the new home construction process, we install the Pestban     Built-In Pest Control System before the sheetrock.  This unique sytem is made up of a series of specially designed perforated polyethylene tubing that runs throughout the walls of your home.

The tubing connects to an outside service receptacle where our Service Technicians can access and deliver the treatments, without stepping foot in your home!

That’s right, we eliminate the pest through the inside of your walls.  The bugs never see it coming and neither will you.  No need to come in to your home for routine service, which also means no need for appointment scheduling!

To ACTIVATE today or to find out if your home is equipped with the Pestban Built-In Pest Control System email us at customerservice@pestban.com or call 770-592-1121.


Built-In is Better

Because our system delivers materials directly inside of walls, pests are eliminated right where they live.  The system also reduces the risk of exposure to children, adults and pets.


Our service is affordable and always very competitively priced.


We service your home through a port on the exterior of your house.  This means no need to be home, no need for appointment scheduling and no need to prep the house for service.


We’re not satisfied until you are.  Therefore, if you experience household pest problems between quarterly service, Pestban will return at no additional charge

Family Matters

We’re a family owned business, passionate and proud about our industry, our company, its people and our customers.



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