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Wildlife Control

Keep the Wild…in the Wild

Rodent and wildlife intrusions of homes are becoming more and more of a problem. Like insects, animals are very adaptive creatures and find ways to thrive in the human environment.  A roof over head and an attic to play in sure makes a great place to start a family.

Not only are these creatures annoying guests that make a mess of your home, they also cause terrible sanitation issues and can be dangerous, carrying and transferring diseases and bacteria.

Trapping and Removal

Up high on a roof or down low in a crawl, Pestban’s Wildlife Specialists have the experience and know how as well as the tools and equipment to capture and remove your uninvited house mates.

Our initial visit will include a very thorough inspection to identify and assess the extent of the problem –signs of gnawing, fecal matter, nesting areas, entry points etc.  Our Wildlife Specialist will review their findings with you and determine a customized trapping and removal plan and costs.


Essential in the fight to keep the wildlife and nuisance critters from re-entry is addressing the issue of entry points and potential entry points.  Properly sealing these off will be a critical part of your customized plan.

To learn more about our Wildlife Services please email us at customerservice@pestban.com  or call 770-592-1121.

Attic Insulation Services

The presence of wildlife or nuisance animals in attics can create unsanitary conditions permanently ruining insulation with urine and scat droppings.  In addition to the foul odor and unsavory mess, these areas provide a constant attraction to nearby wildlife and even can cause health risks with bacteria and diseases.

To address these concerns Pestban offers insulation removal and replacement services.  Our professionals can remove the ruined insulation and re-insulate your attic areas according to your needs and R-Value specifications. We also can simply provide supplemental insulation to increase your existing R-Value.

Consult your Pestban Wildlife Specialist at the time of service for more information about attic insulation or email us at customerservice@pestban.com or call 770-592-1121.

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