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Ant Control in Atlanta, GA by Pestban

If you see an occasional ant running across one of your countertops or floors, you may not think that’s a big problem. The chances are, however, that your sighting of that solitary insect is just the beginning of an ant problem. Ants are constantly on the prowl for food and new places to call home. And they’re not afraid to travel tremendous distances in their search for food and shelter.

As they search, they lay down a trail of pheromones telling other worker ants where the new source of food is located. And the colony they’re feeding can be hundreds of thousands of ants strong.

Most Common Ants Found in Georgia

There are in the neighborhood of 1,000 ant species in the U.S., and some of the more common species found in the Atlanta area include the following.

Acrobat Ants

This species can be found either indoors or outdoors, preferably in places that are damp and dark. Indoors they often nest around electrical wires, and outdoors they can be found in trees, stacks of firewood, and under rocks.

Argentine ants

This species is known for their large colonies with multiple queens. Like most other ants, they love moisture and will often nest near a foundation wall. From that point, they will seek cracks and crevices providing entry points into homes and other buildings. Once inside, they’ll contaminate food and spread bacteria as they forage for food in your kitchen and pantry.

Big-headed ants

These are soil-nesting ants often confused with subterranean termites. They can be found in kitchens and bathrooms and around windows and doors. Outside you often find them on walkways or driveways. They’re difficult to control because their large colonies often extend across property lines.

Carpenter ants

They’re large ants that are red or black or a combination of colors. They are swarmers and have two sets of wings. They prefer moist, damp wood and often construct their nests in logs, landscape timbers, and posts. But they’re not averse to invading your home, and over time they can inflict considerable structural damage to homes and other buildings.

Crazy ants

Also called raspberry ants, they’re known for their rapid and erratic movement, hence the name crazy ants. Once inside, they’re attracted to most anything, including your electronic equipment, where they can cause your electronics to short-circuit.

Odorous house ants

They’re brown or black in color and give off a smell of rotten coconuts when crushed, and that’s where they get their name! They like sweets but will eat just about anything and contaminate food with their waste. They often nest under stones, planters, and in wall voids near sources of heat.

Pharaoh ants

Small in size, about 1/16 of an inch in length, they forage for food such as grease, meat, sugar, and other dead insects. They infest many different types of structures and are known carriers of a number of infectious diseases.

Red Fire ants

They’re one of the most common species found in Georgia and are known for their aggressive nature and the stinging bites they inflict. They’re also known for their large, mound-like nests. They don’t usually build nests in your home, but they may come inside looking for food and water. Outside, they pose a significant threat to children, small pets, and anyone with an allergy to ant venom.

Thief ants

They get their name from their practice of building their nests close to and sometimes in other ants’ nests. They’re some of the smallest household ants and are sometimes called sugar ants or grease ants because they like to feed on sweet and greasy things.

Ant Removal in Atlanta

Are you having an ant problem? If so, you need to call the ant control specialists at Pestban. As our name indicates, at Pestban, we specialize in dealing with pest problems, including both indoor and outdoor ant removal in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Our team members will come to your home or business with the tools and ant control materials that are both safe and effective. From killing existing colonies to preventive measures to keep these invaders from coming back, we have the Atlanta ant control solutions you need.

Don’t hesitate in dealing with your ant infestation problem, as it will probably only get worse. For the very best in pest management and pest control services, contact the ant control experts at Pestban today!

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