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Built-In Pest Control System

Atlanta Pest Control ServicesWhat is it?

This revolutionary system can ONLY be installed during the new construction process. The pre-wired system is comprised of a series of very small polyethylene tubes that run through the interior and exterior walls of the home. Each tube is specially crafted with precision laser drilled perforations. This network of tubes is running just above the baseboards but is hidden inside the walls.

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How is it serviced?

To service this network of tubes, we access the service receptacle which is located on the outside of your home and with our specialized equipment we are able to provide a safe and effective pest control service by treating inside the wall voids! Ants, Cockroaches, Scorpions, Centipedes – you name it, they no longer have a safe place to hide. Pests can hide from the traditional bug-man, but they cannot hide from us!

With our “Contactless System” you do not need to be home for the routine quarterly pest control service as everything is performed from the outside.

Guaranteed Service

We’re not satisfied until you are. Therefore, if you experience household pest problems covered under your service plan between services, simply contact our office to schedule an extra service visit at no additional charge.

Activate Today

To find out if your home is equipped with the Pestban Built-In Pest Control System email us at customerservice@pestban.com or call 770-592-1121 or 877-284-8161.

Termite Control AtlantaTermite Baiting System

Why do I need Termite protection?

Subterranean termites, they’re more than just pests; they actually eat and destroy your home. These types of termites, common in the Southeast, emerge from the ground and feed on the wood that supports your home! As if that wasn’t bad enough, termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

How does it work?

Pestban’s Advance Termite Baiting System (ATBS) Trelona is the next generation in termite baiting, providing superior technology and performance. Contrary to the myth, baiting systems do not attract termites; however, you do want termites to find them so they will feed on the active ingredient and take it back to the colony. The Trelona ATBS is designed to help termites find the station quickly – leading to faster discovery, faster consumption and faster colony elimination. As the termites feed in these stations and bring the “food” back to the colony, they are also passing along the active ingredient which results in the elimination of the termite colony and preventing the damage they may cause. Pestban inspects and monitors the stations routinely but the stations are always actively working to eliminate termites.

Termite Inspection AtlantaIs it safe?

The Trelona ATBS is also the environmentally responsible solution because it uses very little active ingredient to eliminate an entire termite colony. It poses no hazard to groundwater and has no label restrictions for use around wells and cisterns. Installed around the perimeter of your home with a low profile, the system is buried discreetly in the soil, hard to see for you but easy to find for termites.

What happens if I get termites?

Our Termite Damage and Repair Warranty covers up to $1 million in damages and is one of the best in the industry. Your builder paid for the first year of coverage. At renewal time, we will offer you the opportunity to continue your termite coverage for another year. You can refer to your warranty for additional details or feel free to contact our office.

Special Services

Pestban always takes care of our customers. If you are experiencing a pest issue that is outside the scope of your service plan, like rodents, we can still help. We offer:

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